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BeerAs the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer can be packaged in glass, cans or, most recently, PET. Because of its sensitivity to light, oxygen and temperature, choosing the right filling and packaging solutions for beer is extremely important in preserving its refreshing taste.Hyford has a long history and extensive experience and know-how in handling beer - from filling to palletising. We provide turnkey solutions and equipment for filling, conveying, bottle washing, pasteurising (flash and tunnel), labelling and secondary packaging, for one-way or returnable containers.WineWhether white or red, wine is typically packaged in glass bottles of various sizes and closed with a cork. However, wine packaged in PET is becoming more and more popular, especially in the airline industry. We can help you with everything from designing a bottle, selecting the right equipment, and integrating that equipment into a complete and fully functional production line.

From glass to cans or PET, our solutions and know-how in any of these beverage categories can help you to better meet the needs of your business. In addition to turnkey line solutions, we offer integration services for partial lines, line relocation and line modification using the latest engineering and conveying technologies. We also offer efficiency improvement services for existing lines in this segment.

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